Kenny Omega Upset With Botched AEW Revolution Explosion?

Revolution 2021's dud ending left the AEW World Champion less than pleased...

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega was reportedly left less than pleased by the dud ending to last week's Revolution 2021 pay-per-view.

Per Bryan Alvarez on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Live, the reigning AEW World Champion was "furious" with what went down, as the explosion intended to engulf Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, and the ringside area following the night's main event was met with ridicule.

No further details were offered, though it's easy to understand Omega's frustration. A well-plotted post-match angle was undone when the countdown expired and the "explosion" was no more than a few puffs of smoke and some sparks shooting from the corners of the ring. This undermined everything Omega and Moxley had done in their exploding barbed wire deathmatch, which concluded in Kenny's victory thanks to interference from the Good Brothers.


AEW chief Tony Khan attempted to style the botch out during his post-show media scrum, claiming Omega had built a faulty bomb. Moxley did the same in his post-match promo.

The promotion now faces the unenviable task of trying to build this into storylines without sacrificing further credibility. This will likely commence on this week's episode of Dynamite.

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