Kevin Nash And Former WWE Superstar Ryback Undergo Experimental Treatment In Colombia

Survey says: Big Sexy is feeling fantastic!

Ryback Kevin Nash

Stem cell treatment may be one of the most controversial procedures in today's medical world, but the procedure may be a godsend to those who have exhausted every other option in the medical market unsuccessfully, yet still suffer from a debilitating affliction.

Although stem cell treatment is risky, the cutting edge medical phenomenon may be a last-ditch effort to salvage the participant's health. When a human being's quality of life is completely gone, the course of action the individual chooses to take involves a complex decision-making process.

For Kevin Nash and Ryback, this was a risk worth taking.

Kevin Nash recently flew to Medellin, Colombia, for inter-disc stem cell treatment. On 1 August 2019, Nash underwent the ground-breaking treatment and uploaded a video of the process on his Twitter page.

'Big Sexy' took to Twitter the day after his treatment, and gleefully shared exceptional news with his millions of followers and fans around the world:

The night before Kevin Nash's dangerous treatment, Big Daddy Cool posted a picture of Ryback and himself enjoying a massive Medellin dinner as they both prepared to undergo similar stem cell procedures. The former WWE big men stuffed their smiling faces before having to fast for their individual treatments.

Since their individual procedures, both Nash and Ryback have displayed a "kid on Christmas morning" amount of excitement about their incredible results via their respective Twitter pages. For now, both massive men seem to have found a way to drastically improve their quality of life. Hopefully, both of their conditions will continue to improve over time.

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