Kevin Nash Pulls Out Of Chris Jericho Cruise For Alec Baldwin Movie

Big Sexy will miss the boat.

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WWE Hall of Famer and Magic Mike star Kevin Nash has sadly been forced to pull out of Chris Jericho's next cruise due to a scheduling conflict.

'Big Sexy' took to Twitter to apologise for his withdrawal, mentioning that he can't make the party boat as he's been cast in a film set to shoot whilst Y2J is at sea:

"Would like to express my apologies for having to cancel my attendance on the @IAmJericho cruise. I've been cast in a film and my shooting schedule is in conflict with the event. I'll be on the next one. Party hard enough and I'm sure you'll forget who was and wasn't on the ship."

According to Dave Meltzer, writing in a Wrestling Observer daily update, Nash's role is in a movie starring Alec Baldwin. Details about the project are otherwise sparse at the moment.

Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager At Sea: Part Deux sets sail from Miami on 20 January, and will feature a show involving much of AEW's top talent. There'll be one less (excuse the pun) star-on-board now Nash has been forced to cancel.

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