Kevin Nash Says This Current WWE Star Is "Missing Something"

WWE legend Kevin Nash thinks this wrestler is "a sweetheart" but "missing something".

Bobby Lashley

Former WWE Champion and company Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash believes current star Bobby Lashley is "missing something".

Speaking via his weekly 'Kliq This' podcast, Kev described Lashley as "a nice f*cking guy" and "a sweetheart". When cohost Sean Oliver asked Nash to explain what, exactly, Bobby was "missing", the former nWo member compared his on-screen personality to Brock Lesnar's: "If you said, ‘Please, I’ve had enough', I think Bobby would stop. I think Brock would stomp you two more times!".

Elaborating, 'Big Sexy' also said that he doesn't view Lashley's character "as a killer". That, the legend believes, does hold Bob back from reaching his obvious potential. Regardless, Lashley can look back on twin runs as WWE Champion, two ECW Title reigns, two Intercontinental Title runs and three stints as United States Champ.


He's achieved a lot then, but Nash suggested it'd be more if he was as aggressive as someone like Lesnar in front of the cameras. On that, Oliver asked if Bobby's promo skills perhaps hold him back. Kevin isn't so sure about that, but does think his real-life personality stops people from viewing him a certain way.

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