Kevin Owens Pokes Fun At Sami Zayn's WWE Comeback Hair

There were a few hairy moments in Sunday's ladder match, to be fair...

Kevin Owens just took the p*ss out of fellow WWE star and real-life pal Sami Zayn's hair.

KO was reacting a tweet put out by the @WWEonFOX account after Zayn won the Intercontinental Title at Clash Of Champions. In it, they said, "He's never going to shut up again!".

That's when Kevin had some fun at the expense of his pal. Quoting the post, Owens added, "Or get a haircut!". That's top class banter right there, and it's the kind of thing that'd probably make Sami laugh when he sees it.


Owens = world class troll.

Sami had a cracker of a three-way ladder match with Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles. The trio worked one of the most inventive finishes in the gimmick's history too; Zayn looped handcuffs through Hardy's ear (he didn't have his retainer in) and a mini ladder. Later, he also cuffed Styles to another ladder, rendering both helpless.


KO didn't stop to marvel at his mate's creativity though. He was far too busy poking fun at his wild hairdo. Zayn is currently rocking some curly locks, and it doesn't look like he's hitting the barber's chair any time soon.

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