Kevin Owens Teases NXT Return After WWE SmackDown Firing

Cryptic tweet uncoded.

On last night's SmackDown Live, WWE wrote Kevin Owens out of storylines in what, subjectively, was a dire and counterproductive angle. And that isn't a cynicism gimmick: is there a living soul on this planet who could possibly believe Owens just experienced his last moment in a WWE ring?

Also: why did Owens, a babyface, turn his back on the heel, Shane McMahon? Is there a living soul on this planet who could possibly believe Shane wasn't going to attack him from behind? The answer to that question is one - Kevin Owens - making him the dumbest bastard in recorded history.



This might - might - be one of those super-sh*tty means to a very promising end sort of deals.

After the show, Owens tweeted, cryptically, '14-24-20'. A detective going by the username @PikaPriest solved the alphabetised code: 14th letter = N, 24th = X, 20 = T.


It appears that Owens is alluding to an NXT return, and it's perhaps notable that he and NXT Champion Adam Cole have teased a programme earlier this year. "I'll undisputedly be watching," Owens said of TakeOver XXV.

A cheeky way of building intrigue, or a real clue as to his next destination?


Shane McMahon needs to be avenged, else this storyline is a complete waste - but Owens is perhaps the perfect main roster star to make the switch. Over, and at least very good at everything, such a development makes a great deal of sense.

Or maybe he'll turn up in AEW! He was fired by WWE, after all!

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