Kevin Owens Upset About His WWE Draft Spot?

Owens was a third-round Raw pick on Friday night.

Kevin Owens

Last week's SmackDown on FOX saw Kevin Owens sent to WWE Raw in the third round of the 2019 Draft. He was the promotion's 13th pick overall and the red brand's fourth singles wrestlers, though it doesn't look like the former 'Prizefighter' is best pleased with his positioning in the roster reshuffle.

Owens tweeted the following yesterday:-


The usual pinch of salt applies here, of course. Kevin Owens is a wrestler, wrestlers are always working, wrestlers tweet things like this just to get a reaction, etc.

The tweet is also in-line with KO's recent character arc. The Shane McMahon feud might be over, but he has been on an outspoken, anti-authority tilt since turning babyface over the summer, and it now looks like this will continue when he becomes a full-time member of the Raw roster.


It's hard to tell what the future holds for Owens until the Draft is complete. This will give a full glimpse of the Raw pecking order and allow for more accurate takes on where KO stands, though many fans will be hoping for an elevation after his sterling work early in the McMahon feud.

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