Kid Rock Confirmed For WWE Hall Of Fame

Only God knows why...

Kid Rock Hall of Fame

We've all known it for some time, but today it was finally made official: Kid Rock is going into the WWE Hall of Fame. If that news doesn't leave you feeling Cold and Empty, what will?

The Michigan-born rocker, more prosaically christened Robert James Ritchie upon his birth, was confirmed as the 'hallowed' Hall's latest inductee by earlier today. The musician was typically unctuous about his impending induction:

“Every time I go to a WWE event I always have a good time; there is nothing like it and no better fans in the world. The Hall of Fame ceremony will be a fun night and it will be great to see everyone again. I have so much respect for what those guys and girls do. I’m grateful to WWE for letting me be a part of WrestleMania weekend."

Well thanks for that, Kid.


Billboard didn't go into much detail on why Mr. Rock is heading to the New Orleans stage, presumably because there isn't a good answer to that question. For seven months back in 2000, he did his best to ensure American Bad Ass Undertaker lived up to the last word of his new moniker. Nearly a decade later, he gave a right good college try at ruining a perfectly good WrestleMania with frequent musical interludes. He also 'entertained' some troops on behalf of the company a few times.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Taylor main-evented WrestleMania. Poor sod. Sure he'll get a ring to go with that Superbowl one someday.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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