'King' Corbin Has A City Renamed In His Honour

Yes, this is a real thing. No, it is not a joke.

It actually happened.

News trickled out that 'King' Corbin and WWE were trying to have a city renamed in his honour several days ago. Most took it as a PR stunt that'd be forgotten quickly, but confirmed that yes, this is a real thing.

Corbin, Kentucky was temporarily renamed King Corbin, Kentucky over the weekend in tribute to the wrestler. WWE ran a house show there on Sunday night, and Mayor Suzie Razmus presented the King Of The Ring winner with a special proclamation that officially confirmed the change.


Despite only being in effect on 12 January, this is still rather hilarious news. Think about all those WWE stars who haven't had a town or city renamed in their honour. This is the kind of thing that'll only suck in more hate from Corbin haters, and tickle those who don't think he's that bad.

Corbin, Kentucky was founded in 1902, and this is the first time the city has been renamed, even on a temporary basis. So, there you go. Baron bloody Corbin is creating history already in 2020.


All hail the 'King'. Elvis who? Lawler? Pah!

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