'King' Woods Pitches Interesting WWE Survivor Series 2021 Stakes

Xavier Woods wants WWE to think about the Royal Rumble at Survivor Series.

WWE Survivor Series 2021

'King' Woods needs a spot on WWE's creative team now.

The 2021 King Of The Ring winner suggested, via a video on WWE's YouTube channel, that the company add some stakes to the upcoming five vs. five elimination match at Survivor Series. Woods is a little worried that these Raw and SmackDown squads aren't actually fighting for anything.

Xavier will team with Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, Sami Zayn and Happy Corbin to take on Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, Finn Bálor and Rey Mysterio. The winners will receive the usual bogus brand bragging rights, but Woods doesn't think that's good enough.


He wants there to be Royal Rumble 2022 implications instead.

The new 'King' believes the winning team should get spots 26-30 in January's 30-man match. Further, the losing quintet would then enter the Rumble as numbers 1-5 in the annual brawl. Woods closed his pitch by making light of the usual Raw vs. SmackDown gimmick.


That presentation is very tedious - there's no doubt about that. Xavier's idea would at least breathe some life into the traditional Survivor Series format.

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