King Woods Wants To Pitch THIS WWE WrestleMania 38 Match

New Day's Xavier Woods isn't shy about pitching grand WrestleMania plans to WWE.

Cesaro WWE

King Woods wants to wrestle Cesaro at WrestleMania 38 "really bad".

The 2021 'King Of The Ring' told SportsKeeda that he plans to pitch the match at some point. In an honest moment, the New Day added that he's not sure if WWE top brass will listen - they could have other plans for both come the biggest pay-per-view of 2022.

Or, they might just not have thought that far in advance quite yet.


Even so, Woods said he "would poop [his] pants" if the company said yes to his proposal. Of course, he'd love to work in a top title bout opposite somebody like Roman Reigns or Shinsuke Nakamura, but wrestling Cesaro is Xavier's number one priority right now.

He described it as "his magic wand". In other words, it's the one match he'd book first if he had magic powers.


Few fans would be unhappy if WWE put Woods vs. Cesaro on the main card at 'Mania and gave them 10-15 minutes. The new King has come into his own as a singles star lately, and Cesaro is a pure wrestling machine who always delivers the goods.

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