Knives Out 2 Adds Dave Bautista

Bautista to team up with Spectre co-star Daniel Craig for Knives Out 2.

Knives Out 2 Dave Bautista

With Netflix having recently landed the rights to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out 2 (and a further sequel), there’s now word that that Dave Bautista will be joining Daniel Craig in this follow-up offering.

As first reported by Deadline, Guardians of the Galaxy favourite Bautista - who featured as Mr Hinx alongside Craig in Spectre - has landed a to-be-revealed role in Knives Out 2. At this early juncture, there is zero information on the plot of this sequel bar the fact that Daniel Craig will be back as charismatic detective, Benoit Blanc.

Director Johnson is on board to write and helm the picture, with Netflix reportedly paying over $400 million for the rights to a Knives Out 2 and a Knives Out 3 just over a month ago.


Released in 2019, the first Knives Out saw Craig’s Blanc tasked with unravelling the mysterious death of a wealthy family patriarch. Alongside the 007 actor, the film had a stunning ensemble made up of the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, Ana de Arnas, Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, Toni Colette and Christopher Plummer.

It’s expected that Knives Out 2 will similarly put together an all-star line-up, and Dave Bautista is the first new name to sign on for the picture. As it stands, production on Knives Out 2 will commence in Greece this June, ahead of an expected 2022 release on Netflix.

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