Kofi Kingston Almost Had His "Shockmaster Moment" In WWE

The New Day man avoided surefire embarrassment in 2009...

Kofi Kingston told Fightful that he almost became WWE's version of The Shockmaster back in 2009.

The New Day member was feuding with Randy Orton at the time, and he was written to deface the then-Legacy leader's new NASCAR (gifted to him by Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes). When Kofi poured paint all over the hood, he moved to stand on top of it and cut a short promo on the big screen.

To quasi-quote Davey Boy Smith during Shockmaster's fateful WCW entrance, he 'almost fell on his fookin' arse'.


Kingston lost his footing when he was trying to carefully walk across the paint, and he very nearly made a hilarious error on live TV; had Kofi fallen, it would've been impossible for fans, Orton and probably Kingston himself not to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Thankfully, he managed to regain his balance just in time and stop himself from becoming some sort of accidental tribute to Fred Ottman's miserable debut. Had he bumped, Kofi might've been renamed 'Uncle Kof' and bumbled his way through WWE programming.


Send your thanks to the Gods of wrestling for ensuring that didn't happen.

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