Kofi Kingston Isn't Keen On THIS Sought After WWE Match

Fans have been asking to see this WWE match for years, but Kofi Kingston doesn't want it.

New Day Big E Xavier Woods Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston isn't particularly keen on a Triple Threat match pitting all three members of New Day against one another.

The ex-WWE Champion doesn't even care if the promotion fancies booking it at WrestleMania someday - he told Cerrito Entertainment that he's not into the idea of one member turning on the others to set up a three-way. So, basically, fans shouldn't bank on that happening anytime soon.

There will be no sudden New Day implosion in time for 'Mania 38 then.


When asked to elaborate, Kofi noted that there are just "no cracks in our foundation". The trio obviously gets on famously behind the scenes, but Kingston doesn't see any realistic way to spin a split story in front of WWE's cameras either. That's a fair point. Kofi, Big E and Xavier Woods share light-hearted banter on air, and there's never any simmering tension between them.

Kingston has been hearing about this Triple Threat showdown on and off since 2016, and it's clearly getting tedious for the guy in 2021. To recap, Kofi doesn't especially want to wrestle against his New Day brothers, and that outlook is unlikely to change.

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