Konnan Reveals Daniel Bryan Conversation With Tony Khan

K-Dogg outright asked Tony Khan whether AEW has signed the American Dragon.

Daniel Bryan

As the wrestling world continues to buzz about the possibility of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk signing with AEW, the legendary Konnan has moved to further tease that Bryan could well soon become #AllElite.

Discussing the American Dragon on his Keepin' It 100 podcast, K-Dogg revealed that he recently outright asked Tony Khan whether or not he had signed Bryan Danielson.

As Konnan put it:

"I will tell you this, because I did ask Tony Khan. The only reason I asked him is because I wanted to use Bryan Danielson in AAA. I was like, 'Hey man, have you signed Bryan Danielson?' He goes, 'You know I can't tell you that', and then I looked at him and I go, 'Bro, if that f**ker shows up in Chicago, that place is gonna melt', and he just smiled. So I think he might have [signed Bryan], but he has not told me."

In addition to reports that Bryan to AEW is a done deal, WWE has added further fuel to that fire by instructing all merchandising partners - including Mattel and 2K Games - to no longer use Daniel Bryan on their products.

While Konnan mentioned Bryan Danielson turning up in Chicago for All Out on 5 September, that seemingly looks unlikely due to other reports of CM Punk in talks to sign with AEW and debut in his hometown at that PPV.


Realistically, if the Punk signing happens, an AEW debut for Danielson seems more realistic for the company's Grand Slam event from Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York on 22 September - or AEW could even delay Bryan's debut further in order to maximise the buzz around each of these two new arrivals.

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