Kurt Angle Grades Tyson Fury's WWE Run

You won't believe what score Kurt gave the boxer...

Tyson Fury

Kurt Angle thinks Tyson Fury can be proud of himself for how he handled the unique pressures of a WWE debut.

In an interview with Seconds Out, the WWE producer said Fury "adapted well" to the differences between real combat sports and the worked world of pro wrestling when he wrestled Braun Strowman at last year's Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Here's the bit where Kurt might lose a few people: Angle gave the boxer 10/10 for his work opposite Strowman in the lead up to the overseas event, thinks he "nailed" the match and got things right in the aftermath before taking his leave. This all seems a bit generous considering how apathetic fans were to most of the segments involving Fury and Braun.


The Crown Jewel match also ended with a confusing count out result as Michael Cole claimed Fury had won by "TKO" (which didn't happen). Assuming one is willing to forgive Tyson for his shaky, unconvincing performances on the mic and the Saudi match, the same slack shouldn't be given to WWE.

Angle went on to say that the company didn't "expect more than he (Tyson) gave".

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