Lana Reveals Why She Stopped Posting Family Photos On Social Media

'People are sick'.

Bobby Lashley Lana

WWE's Lana revealed on The Matthew Aaron Show recently that she started to dial back her posting of family photos on social media due to fan backlash.

She mentioned how during Rusev's 2014 run as U.S. Champion, fans would take to social media and write horrendous comments on her family pictures due to their feelings towards her on screen character.

'It was back in like 2014 when we were doing the super Rocky IV, you know, very patriotic towards Russia, to me there’s nothing wrong with being patriotic to your country. Well all of the United States of America decided to come onto my Instagram, and if I would post a picture of my nephew that was like literally three weeks old, they would be like, ‘He’s the ugliest baby in the world! We hope he dies! USA! USA!’ It’s like, oh my God, you are so sick. People are sick, like what is wrong with you? Really people can be such bullies and it’s insane to me. So I stopped posting anything of my family because… normal people are not as tough as a WWE superstar.'

No wrestler deserves to be personally attacked online just because they play a provocative character on TV and the sad fact is that this period in 2014 wasn't the last time Lana was targeted by a volatile section of the fanbase.

In 2019, she stated that herself and Bobby Lashley had received death threats off the back of their love affair angle with Rusev - Lana's actual husband in real life.

At the end of the day, Lashley, Lana and Rusev were all simply doing their jobs and this interview is a strong reminder of just how impactful fan's comments can be on the lives of those they take aim it.

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