Last Night's WWE Raw Attendance Was The Worst In Years

Post-Stomping Grounds show attracted just 3500 fans.


Either Seattle has a new curfew in effect, or WWE are more buggered than they previously thought. Following on from relatively drastic Stomping Grounds ticket sales, which resulted in the company papering hundreds of seats in Tacoma malls ahead of the show, last night's Raw from Everett, WA's delightfully named Angel of the Winds Arena apparently drew just 3500 fans. That's less than half the amount the building was configured for.

The figure, provided by Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, is the lowest the company's flagship show has garnered in years, worse even than many recent SmackDown shows. In September 2017, WWE officials were alarmed when an episode filmed in Anaheim, CA attracted just 7000 fans. Two years on, we're now down to half that figure. It's a very worrying sign indeed.

Though it enjoyed a minor rebound last week, Raw's television ratings have also continued to tumble this year. Depending on the figure which arrives this week, it could be a double whammy of despair for a promotion in dire need of a boost.

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