Latest Info On AEW's Owen Hart Cup Tournaments

AEW is set to pay tribute to the memory of Owen Hart, but when will they get started?

Owen Hart

AEW announced on Friday's edition of Rampage that two tournaments named in honour of the late, great Owen Hart will kick off in May 2022.

The promotion will hold one each for men and women on the roster - both will culminate in a final showdown at All Elite's Double Or Nothing pay-per-view, and the trophies will be presented by Dr. Martha Hart. Further, each tourney will be co-promoted in conjunction with the Owen Hart Foundation charity.

This lovely idea was born from conversations between Martha and AEW top brass. It sounds like a neat way to pay tribute to her fallen husband's memory.


Rampage also revealed that AEW will have more info on each tournament come Wednesday's episode of Dynamite. Some fans on social media believe Tony Khan will leak some of the opening brackets midweek, which would give people even more of a clue how these things will shake out.

It's also interesting that AEW seem content to take their time with this homage to Owen's memory. They're not rushing into anything, and obviously felt like Hart's tourneys deserved the spotlight their biggest pay-per-view of 2022 provides.

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