Latest Info On Daniel Bryan's Free Agency Status After WWE Contract Expires

WWE appear to be doing things differently when it comes to Daniel Bryan's departure.

Daniel Bryan

Despite not currently being signed to a WWE contract, the company are not holding back on mentioning Daniel Bryan's name on their programming.

According to PWInsider, this current situation differs massively from the way WWE handled the exit of CM Punk in 2014. Back then, there was said to be a complete lockdown on any mentions of the star's name, largely due to the now well known nature of his controversial departure. Those watching or listening to various WWE shows this week will have noted how The Leader of the 'YES!' Movement's name was mentioned on The Bump, After the Bell, and even on the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX, with Roman Reigns revelling in his defeat of the former WWE Champion last week.

It still is in no way clear precisely what Bryan's next move will be in the wake of allowing his most recent WWE deal to expire. However, there's a good chance he will opt to stay put in WWE should he be given a lighter schedule and more of a chance to be involved backstage. It is worth noting, though, that Bryan recently spoke of how current AEW and IMPACT World Champion Kenny Omega “thought about pro-wresting in a unique way,” with Bryan even teasing a future match against The Belt Collector further down the road.


Where do you think Daniel Bryan will end up next? AEW? ROH? NJPW? Or will he see out the remainder of his wrestling days within WWE?

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