Latest On WWE's Secretive Strategy With 'White Rabbit' Storyline

Yet another update on WWE keeping its 'White Rabbit' cards close to its chest.

Bray Wyatt, a grown man, and his two little toys

If you were looking for further confirmation that WWE is, indeed, playing a secretive game with the ongoing 'White Rabbit' deal, here it is.

WrestleVotes reported on Tuesday that while one of the outlet's sources believes WWE is to spring a Bray Wyatt return through this storyline, the promotion is withholding information.

This is similar to what Fightful Select reported yesterday. Per that writeup, WWE's tight-lipped approach goes as far as keeping members of the production team, who would usually be clued in on such things, in that dark. Again, Wyatt is who most expect to be behind 'White Rabbit'.


Tweeted WrestleVotes:-

By the company's standards, WWE has adopted a unique approach with this angle. It started with 'White Rabbit' by Jefferson Starship playing through the arena during commercial breaks at last Friday's SmackDown. This continued through the weekend's house shows, then again on Monday's Raw, which also featured Austin Theory standing beside a QR code leading to a game of hangman. Said hangman game closed on "9.23", suggesting further developments on that date's SmackDown.

Bray has been a free agent since shockingly being released by WWE in July 2021. Although has not re-emerged in professional wrestling, Wyatt remains a highly-speculated comeback name for the market leaders, particularly in the wake of Triple H's creative takeover.

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