Latest White Rabbit Teases On Last Night's WWE Raw: Zip Code Leads To "Windham"

All the latest QR codes hits, tips and teases from WWE on speculated massive return.

White Rabbit Bray Wyatt

The September 26th edition of Monday Night Raw delivered further "White Rabbit" teases, continuing recent interactive hints and tidbits that suggest Bray Wyatt's WWE return could be imminent.

A QR code flashed up on screen during the show (with another on the announce desk for the very eagle-eyed) that linked to a TikTok account called ComeWithMe which played a video featuring various quick clips of wrestlers spliced to say "Who killed the world? You did," and "Feed your head." The video also flashed up the zip code 40701, which was postal code for Corbin, Kentucky and happened to be the home of White Rabbit Records. The same White Rabbit Records that used their own YouTube channel to post a video of the zip code 04062, which leads to a place in Maine called Windham.

The company dropped QR codes into last week's Raw and SmackDown offering similar clues, with dates moving the feature forward. A lantern similar to the sort Wyatt's character carried was spotted in some of the marketing for Extreme Rules too, suggesting that the PLE could be the possible end destination for the teases and site of Wyatt's return.


More on this as and when it develops.

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