LAX Make Surprise AEW All Out Appearance

Impact team attack Lucha Bros. at All Out.


Moments after besting The Young Bucks in a cruel AAA tag team title ladder match at AEW's All Out, The Lucha Brothers were blindsided by a pair of interlopers: none other than Impact Wrestling's LAX.

Two intruders wearing Bill Clinton and JFK rubber masks à la Point Break surprised the victorious Pentagon and Ray Fenix with a sudden beatdown after the bell, before whipping off the disguises of to reveal themselves as Ortiz and Santana.

There had been heavy rumours that the Latin American Xchange pair would be heading to AEW after they seemingly said goodbye following the last set of Impact tapings. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio recently, Dave Meltzer speculated that they were bound for the promotion as it would allow them to continue working with PWG and AAA. A migration to WWE would likely have seen them placed in NXT for a considerable period of time.


We're likely to learn the full details of LAX's deal with AEW in the next days, so check back for more details as they emerge.

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