Legend Reveals Why He WON'T Be In WWE's 2023 Royal Rumble

Rumours suggested this WWE legend would be at Royal Rumble, but he won't be. Here's why!

Sean Waltman X-Pac 1-2-3 Kid Syxx

You won't be seeing Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman in Saturday's WWE Royal Rumble match.

The legend posted on Twitter to squash rumours that he'd be a surprise returnee in the 30-man match. That online scuttlebutt actually made sense for two reasons: One, Waltman is great pals with WWE creative chief Triple H. Two, he was in attendance for Monday's Raw Is XXX celebrations and appeared during a D-Generation X reunion segment on the show.

Following that, Sean joked that it sucks he didn't get to bury some young stars who'd then be tasked with drawing money in the future. What a laugh (thankfully, most in the comments got the joke!).


Waltman revealed he wouldn't be in the Rumble because he's "been enjoying life and eating whatever the f*ck I want". However, he's very grateful that many wrestling fans worldwide fancied seeing him assume the X-Pac role again for one night.

It won't be happening though.


The former 1-2-3 Kid hasn't wrestled for WWE since 2002. His last official in-ring appearance came in March 2022 for GCW - there, he lost a 20-minute bout to former AEW star Joey Janela.

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