Legendary The Rock/Steve Austin Segment Censored By Peacock

Pour one out for the Rock Concert, Peacock viewers...

Hollywood Rock The Rock Concert 2003

The legendary Rock Concert segment featuring The Rock, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, and The Hurricane has been censored on Peacock's upload of the 24 March 2003 episode of WWE Raw, as pointed out by ComicBook.com.

Viewers in the United States hoping to watch the segment on the NBCUniversal streaming platform will find much of the original content missing. The angle now skips the actual "concert" part of it, jumping from Rock's introduction to the arrivals of Hurricane and Austin.

The iconic segment featured Rock strumming his way through several diss tracks to build to his and Austin's WrestleMania 19 showdown, cemented his 'Hollywood Rock' persona in the process.


Such lines as "Sacramento, here I go / They've got some fat-*ssed women there and Rock's gonna get me none" and "I've lived a life that's full / I can get pie, and get it all day / much more than any of you" have now been scrubbed by Peacock.

Peacock began the process of editing footage that they decreed didn't align with the platform's standards and practices last year, including Roddy Piper's controversial WrestleMania VI promo, Vince McMahon's televised N-word from 2005, and more.

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