Lio Rush Launches Campaign To Support Indie Wrestling Talent

Now, more than ever, the independents need your support.

Lio Rush

Lio Rush hit social media to announce the start of a campaign designed to help independent wrestling talent get through what will be the most trying time of some of their careers.

Per the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion's socials, he will be hosting three live streams every single day from 30 March to 6 April, with a variety of different independent wrestlers, referees, and other personalities featuring. The initial video included a request for fans to send Rush the names of people they'd like to see involved.

Viewers will be encouraged to contribute if they're able to, whether that's through PayPal donations, buying merchandise, or through other means.

Here's a key snippet from the video (h/t: Fightful):-

“If you’re a fan, if you’re a supporter of the independent wrestling community. If you’re a fan and supporter of myself, please join me WrestleMania Week to help these guys out, because these guys are like my family, and I want to help. If you’re a fan, please drop a comment, let me know who you guys want to see on ‘Live with Lio’, with myself. Let’s have some fun. Let’s do what we do best, let’s try to change some people’s situations just a little bit."

The current global situation places immense strain on independent wrestlers who don't have the luxury of guaranteed money from major-league wrestling contracts. Cancelled shows mean less income and less scope to earn a living. It's great to see Rush using his platform to the scene in which he first rose to prominence, as he joins the likes of Mustafa Ali, Ruby Riott, and more in attempting to help the indies through this tough period.

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