'Lionheart' Chris Jericho Returning?

Chris Jericho files a trademark for his old Corazon del Leon nickname, aka Lionheart.

Chris Jericho

In an interesting titbit, it looks as if Chris Jericho may well be bringing back one of his old monikers.

As first picked up on by WrestlingHeadlines, Jericho filed to trademark the Corazon de Leon name back on 18 February. Corazon de Leon was the name Le Champion used during his time competing for CMLL in Mexico, with the English translation of Lionheart being a nickname used by Jericho during his stint in Japan and then later in ECW.

For this filing, Jericho cites 1993 as the time of the First Use and First Use in Commerce of Corazon de Leon.


This trademark has been put to the United States Patent & Trademark Office for entertainment and entertainment services related to wrestling contests and to a professional wrestling and sports entertainment personality.

It’s obviously not known whether Chris Jericho plans to bring back the Lionheart mantle or gimmick at some point in time in AEW, but it would certainly garner a major pop from the AEW die-hards should Jericho possibly look to eventually wind his in-ring days down with the nickname he utilised when getting his first real break in the business.

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