Lita Working Full Time For WWE

Legendary diva is back with WWE.

Lita is back working full time for WWE, reports PWInsider. The legendary diva is working as a road agent, which involves helping talent plan out matches and serving as a go-between with wrestlers and the creative team. She's been highly visible in WWE this year, including training contestants on Tough Enough and commentating on NXT Brooklyn's pre-show panel. Now that she's working backstage, expect to see that little bit more of her appearing on-screen. There's also talk of her taking on more of a creative role, and getting even more involved in the booking process. She's clearly impressing people in her new role. Lita was a four time women's champion and one of the key divas in the Attitude Era / early to mid 2000's period. Her merchandise sold well and she was key in the re-branding and marketing of divas as more serious competitors. The funny thing about that was, her in-ring style was inconsistent. She was prone to botching and had some awful matches, but maintained a reputation of being an edgy competitor. Now forty years old, she has already been mentoring the likes of Bayley and Sasha Banks, as WWE's women's division undergoes a transformation to the more serious style it once held.
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