Logan Paul: I Could Become WWE Champion If I Commit

One of Logan Paul's top goals is to become WWE Champion someday, but...

WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Logan Paul

Current United States Champ and heatseeking heel Logan Paul believes he can become WWE Champion someday, but knows he has a long road ahead of him to get there. Paul's recent comments on his IMPAULSIVE show will surely ruffle some feathers amongst any fans still having a tough time admitting he's a pro wrestling natural.

Logan told his guests (including NBA star Kevin Durant) that working for WWE is "a fantastic job". Durant seemed interested to know how much LP is making from wrestling - Paul didn't reveal a solid number, but did say his deal with WWE is "healthy".


That's probably an understatement!

Then, the conversation turned back to Logan potentially winning the richest prize in the biz. On that, Paul said: "I'm going to do it, bro". However, he's fully aware that he'd need to "commit" 100% to wrestling if he ever dreamed of hoisting the belt Cody Rhodes currently holds high above his head.


Logan has been very complimentary of wrestling ever since dipping a toe in, and told Durant: "I like it".

So, there you go. WWE Champ LP coming soon to a PLE near you. Maybe.


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