Long-Forgotten Star "Talking" With WWE About Return

This forgotten WWE man hasn't worked on Raw or SmackDown since November 2020.

Titus O'Neil

Titus O'Neil has told Wrestling Inc that he's "talking" with WWE about launching an in-ring comeback.

Currently, O'Neil is enjoying his work as a company ambassador. During the interview, Titus made sure to say that he's "very, very committed to continuing to be the best Global Ambassador that [he] can possibly be". That gig means the world to him, and is every bit as fulfilling as anything in-ring.

The former Prime Time Player last worked a match opposite Bobby Lashley on the 9 November 2020 episode of Raw - he hasn't stepped foot inside the ring for a bout since, televised or otherwise. Before that United States Title crack, O'Neil worked a string of matches for 'C' show Main Event.


Titus described his charitable work for WWE as "the most important role" he could have. Regardless, he would like to wrestle some matches again before finally hanging up the boots for good.

This could've been O'Neil's way of laying down a soft spoiler for things to come on WWE TV. Don't be too surprised if he shows up for a bout or two sometime soon.

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