Long-Missing WWE Wrestler Returns To NXT For First Time Since 2020

The former Indus Sher man is now working with Grayson Waller, it seems.

Saurav Gurjar

Former Indus Sher man Saurav Gurjar returned to WWE television for the first time in well over a year last night, re-emerging as Grayson Waller's muscle.

This happened following a match between Waller and Dexter Lumis, which had been set up when LA Knight hit the ring, challenging Waller to a fight. When the Australian revealed he had filed a restraining order against Knight, the former Eli Drake gave him a choice: fight me, or fight Lumis.

Waller chose Lumis, winning after distracting the referee to allow Gurjar to attack Dexter, launching him into the post. Saurav then put Lumis back in the ring so that Waller could finish him off, sealing the deal.


The victorious duo exited together via the ramp. Later, Waller referred to the big man as his "insurance policy" in an interview with McKenzie Mitchell.

At no point during any of this was Gurjar referred to by name.


Saurav was introduced to WWE audiences as one half of the Malcolm Bivens-managed Indus Sher with Rinku Singh (now Veer Mahaan on Raw) in April 2020, though the tag team was canned within a few months. The 37-year-old had not appeared on WWE television since working Superstar Spectacle in January 2021, with his last NXT appearance taking place in June 2020.

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