Lucha House Party Tease WWE Departures On Twitter

Are Kalisto and Gran Metalik on their way out of WWE?

lucha house party

Another day, another WWE Superstar dropping cryptic hints regarding their future with the company - or two WWE Superstars, in this case.

Last night's shenanigans began with Lucha House Party member Kalisto tweeting (then promptly deleting) the following:-


Stablemate Gran Metalik then came through with an interesting response:-


As did Big Banter Braun Strowman, known social media savage:-


As always, it's important to take these tweets with a pinch of salt. Wrestlers are always working, especially on social media, and there's every chance that Kalisto and Metalik only made these tweets to get a rise out of people online.

Regardless, it's easy to understand why they might be looking forward to their WWE releases. Both men currently find themselves stranded in a go-nowhere stable only ever used for jobbing duties on the few occasions they're fortunate enough to be promoted from 205 Live's purgatory. They may well value themselves higher than their current employers, and therefore see fulfilment as an impossible goal in Vince McMahon's Sports Entertainment world.

It'll be interesting to see if these social media transgressions have any impact on the Lucha House Party's onscreen fortunes, though they aren't exactly a pushed act at the moment.

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