Lucha Underground Being Sued By Several Wrestlers?

Bad news for the cult promotion...

King Cuerno Lucha Underground
El Rey Network

Lucha Underground's buzz has declined significantly since the show's October 2014 debut, and if they make headlines these days, it's usually because their business practices are coming under fire. Unfortunately, today is no different.

Pro Wrestling Sheet have revealed that King Cuerno (who works as El Hijo del Fantasma in his native Mexico) has filed a lawsuit against Lucha Underground, its network (El Rey), and production company (Baba-G Productions), claiming that these groups have prevented him and his peers from "engaging in their lawful profession."

PWSheet's write-up contains a number of legal documents. One reveals that wrestlers contracted to LU make under $4,000 per year, but are restricted from working elsewhere. They're bound to clauses limiting their movements for as many seasons as their contracts dictate, and with the status of LU's fifth season currently up in the air, these talented workers can't negotiate with WWE, NJPW, or AEW.

Joey Ryan, Kobra Moon, and Ivelisse are also involved in the lawsuit. The latter has been particularly critical of the promotion lately, tweeting that she felt she was "being legally held hostage" by them a few months ago, though she has since deleted the statement.

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