Lucha Underground Finally Coming To Netflix

Seasons 1 and 2 to debut on February 15.

Netflix Lucha Underground

MLW Radio's Court Bauer announced on the Tuesday episode of his podcast that Lucha Underground would finally be coming to ultra-popular streaming service Netflix after more than a year of speculation.

Bauer said that seasons one and two of the show (comprising a total of 65 episodes) would be debuting on Netflix on February 15, and that the service would have the option to pick up additional seasons as they air.

This marks major exposure for Lucha Underground, which airs exclusively on El Rey Network, a channel many U.S. cable viewers do not receive. A Spanish-language version of the show aired on UniMas to high ratings, but was cancelled after season one.

Bauer also addressed rumors that LU was leaving El Rey, potentially to air first-run episodes on Netflix. He said that he knows nothing about any deal to move the show to another network, confirmed that El Rey still owns a stake in the company, and compared the Netflix deal to any other time the streaming service picks up older episodes of a show.

Bauer's podcast also broke the news that the second half of season three will debut on May 31.

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