Luke Gallows Reveals What AJ Styles Told Him Following WWE Release

Friends 4 life.

Luke Gallows has revealed on the WrestleTalk In The D podcast what friend and former OC stablemate AJ Styles said to him following his release from WWE on April 15.

"He said he was sorry, which he didn't have to say, and I wasn't looking for an apology from him. But it's been well documented, and AJ said it himself over on his streaming service, that he felt responsible for us staying when we wanted to leave. WWE kept wanting to pile more money. That wasn't the final reason we stayed. We wanted to roll with our buddy."

Gallows and tag team partner Karl Anderson declined an offer from AEW last year for the reasons outlined above in addition to reassurance from Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development Triple H that WWE would always be there. Triple H leveraged WWE's entrenched position in the market against what was AEW's more tentative footing before a rights fee was secured from TNT following a renegotiated deal in January 2020.

It was a well-intentioned apology, although, given the unnecessary fate he endured, looking at WWE's recent financial results, it didn't come from the correct source.


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