Luke Harper Makes Crazy Accusations Against WWE On Instagram

The recently-returned star's social media was on fire last night.

Luke Harper

Luke Harper may only have returned to WWE television five days ago, but the former Wyatt Family man is already popping off about the company on social media.

It began with WWE unveiling over 30 new t-shirt designs for NXT wrestlers. Harper posted their advertisement along with his own caption, pointing out that he had never had his own solo design since joining the company seven years ago:-

So Dexter Lumis, the Outliers, Dio Maddin, Brendan Vink, and Austin Theory, none of whom are even NXT TV fixtures, all have shirts before a former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion. Cool!

The real tea is in the comments section, though. Big Luke posted the following response to a fan pointing out one of the old Wyatt Family designs:-

Luke Harper Instagram

So here's a contracted full-time main roster wrestler, who return to much hype at Clash of Champions and is now working with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, alleging WWE stole a shirt idea from his friend. Yikes.

It's hard to tell what's going on with Harper at the moment or whether or not he has renewed his contract with the company, having tried to engineer his release earlier in the year. Fingers crossed this situation resolves itself.

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