Major AEW Star Says He Treats "Every Second Like It's The Last"

This AEW wrestler isn't sure how long he has left on the active roster.

CM Punk

CM Punk isn't taking anything for granted now he's firmly back on the pro wrestling map.

The AEW star tweeted out a heartfelt message to fans on social media that pretty much thanked everybody for their support since he landed in Tony Khan's company. That was just one side of it - dig a little deeper and it becomes clear that Punk isn't certain exactly how much longer he'll be wrestling either.

Don't worry, this wasn't some retirement tease. No, Punk was simply making it clear that he treats "every second like it's [his] last". He's relishing every appearance on Dynamite, Rampage and AEW pay-per-view, that's for sure.


Punk is scheduled to bump around with MJF in a hotly-anticipated showdown on next week's Dynamite. That match has been building for a while, and it's become one of the best angles on AEW TV. Beyond that, who knows what the future holds?

The ex-WWE man described every AEW match as "time I never thought I'd have back". He was out of the wrestling game for years after leaving WWE in 2014, and wasn't sure if he'd ever return.

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