MAJOR Changes Coming For WWE's Commentary Teams?

A big shakeup could be on the way for WWE's three-person booths.

Michael Cole Tom Phillips David Otunga

WWE are reportedly planning on making significant changes to their announce teams over the coming weeks, but it probably won't be a case of out with the Cole and in with the new.

Per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE will be looking at tweaking their current commentary lineups once SmackDown debuts on Fox (4 October), with the promotion looking to have distinct, permanent teams for both main roster shows.

This could mean the end of Corey Graves working both shows. The former NXT colour man currently works both Raw and SmackDown, joining Michael Cole and Renee Young on Mondays, then Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips the following night.

Restricting Graves to just Raw or SmackDown could open a seat for one of WWE's other talented announcers, like Nigel McGuinness or Vic Joseph. Both are certainly polished enough to make the step up from their current WWE Network shows to a bigger network like Fox and USA.

It's hard to imagine anyone being particularly upset or worried by this story, given how widely-criticised WWE's commentary is. Regardless, it's similarly hard to imagine a major improvement without Vince McMahon dialling back on his overproduction.

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