Major Changes For WWE Network Coming

In addition to a three-tier price plan, WWE Network will also be soon offer an offline option.

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Speaking to The Verge, WWE Co-President George Barrios has reiterated that big changes are a-coming for the WWE Network.

Outlining WWE’s plan to make major changes to its on-demand streaming service, Barrios again discussed how the WWE Network will soon consist of three different ties. But not just that, for WWE Network will also be offering a download option for offline viewing.

Where the different tiers are concerned, WWE Network will be made up of free, regular, and premium options.

The free option will be made up of the usual free-to-view videos that you’d find on, plus there may well be preview versions of paid WWE Network content.

For the regular tier of WWE Network, that seems to basically be what fans have already been paying $9.99 a month for. As in, that subscription will get you the live PPVs, original programming, the archived content, and the standard material seen since WWE Network launched in 2014.

On the premium pricing plan, the interview saw Barrios enthuse: “We think there’s also an opportunity to super-serve our most passionate Network subscribers with a premium tier that’ll bring together more content for them, more features for them, and also integrating some of our other non-video service like our commerce – potentially integrating something like free shipping, bringing together our digital ticketing efforts in there. It becomes the one place to experience everything WWE.”

Still, George Barrios did not give up the vital information that so many people are waiting to hear – just how much the premium tier of WWE Network will cost.

WWE Network has already recently rolled out a new design and layout that saw them move from Disney’s Bamtach to Endeavor Streaming. In addition to the design overhaul, that change has also seen WWE Network offer a resolution of up to 1080p.

At this stage, there is still no exact date for these upcoming changes for WWE Network – although WWE is ideally looking to have everything ready to roll out by the midway point of next year.

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