MAJOR Fan Outrage Following WWE Super ShowDown 2020

The internet became a bonfire of criticism after Goldberg's big win.

Goldberg outrage
WWE/Twitter, @everestunger

WWE Super ShowDown 2020 turned out to be a highly controversial event thanks to The Undertaker putting AJ Styles down with a single Chokeslam, Brock Lesnar murdering Ricochet in less time than it took for the pre-match video package to play out, and Goldberg crushing 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt to become WWE Universal Champion.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the internet was p*ssed.

Twitter user @rondarouseyszn captured Reddit's instant reaction to Goldberg's conquest:-


Elsewhere, @ChairShotPod compiled some of Twitter's choicest cuts:-


#CancellWWENetwork was back on the scene as the reactions poured in and searching for "Goldberg," "The Fiend," or "#WWESSD" on Twitter yields nothing but complete negativity at the moment. It's easy to understand why. Goldberg, at 53 years old, just blitzed a character many considered one of the hottest things in wrestling, and Ricochet may never be the same after his brush with Brock.


Even Macaulay Culkin is cancelling his WrestleMania 36 plans:-

Whether or not this outrage will have any kind of impact on WWE's bottom line remains to be seen. This is exactly the kind of booking that has seen them lose 50% of their viewership over the past five years, though. WWE gonna WWE.

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