Major Free Agent Heading To WWE WrestleMania 40

This notable free agent has reportedly taken a flight to Philadelphia for WrestleMania.

Giulia WWE

One of the hottest free agents in the industry, Giulia is heading to WWE WrestleMania XL.

This comes courtesy of Tokyo Sports, who spotted the 30-year-old at an airport awaiting a flight to the United States. While Giulia denied she was heading to the US - instead insisting she was flying to the Himalayas, where she was to check out some mountains and shave one of her eyebrows off - the outlet understands she was indeed on her way to Philadelphia, where of course this year's WrestleMania is being held.

Whether Giulia actually appears at WrestleMania XL remains to be seen, and it could be a case of the Stardom standout turning up at NXT Stand and Deliver in some form or fashion. Other than that, it may be that WWE is bringing Giulia in to formally sign with the promotion, or it may even be that they're just flying her in to have her take in the spectacle of WrestleMania.

Giulia has long been expected to sign with WWE once her Stardom contract expired in March, and while that's still the case, she is first helping Stardom founder Rossy Ogawa launch his new promotion.

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