Major Heat On Production Team Responsible For AEW's Botched Explosion?

Here's where the blame lies for AEW Revolution 2021's dud non-explosion.

Jon Moxley Kenny Omega

The third-party rigging team used to prepare the planned ring explosion at AEW Revolution 2021 has come in for heat from the company.

Per a new report from Fightful Select, the crew were unapologetic in the aftermath, attempting to brush the situation off. Understandably, this sparked frustration from an AEW team left embarrassed by one of the most notable production botches in modern wrestling history.

Revolution's ending was a nightmare. What should have been an excellent angle saw Eddie Kingston sacrifice himself for Jon Moxley, throwing himself on top of the former World Champion to protect him from what should have been a massive explosion, only for the whole thing to fizzle out when the countdown expired. The "bomb" was no more than a few sparklers and puffs of smoke, though Kingston was made to sell it like death regardless.


This led to widespread ridicule from all corners of the internet, and understandably so. Things couldn't have gone worse.

Kingston explained what happened on last night's Dynamite, saying he passed out through shock, having expected an almighty blast. Omega, meanwhile, admitted that things didn't go to plan, but he and Don Callis revelled in the faces' embarrassment.

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