Major Star "Wants To Do Things Outside WWE"

This top WWE wrestler fancies exploring more options outside the company.

Charlotte Flair 2023

Reigning SmackDown Women's Champion and possible WrestleMania 39 headliner Charlotte Flair has admitted she'd like to explore more options outside WWE's walls.

Flair told the Miami Herald that she still loves the company and "wants to be the very best", but is also interested in seeing what she can achieve away from pro wrestling. During the interview, Charlotte teased pursuing more movie or TV roles in the future.


For now though, she's 100% focused on producing the goods alongside Rhea Ripley next month. It does look like Charlotte will be tasked with putting Royal Rumble winner Rhea over in SoFi Stadium - any other result would feel desperately unsatisfying to fans who have invested in Ripley's journey over the past few years.

Flair didn't mince her words when talking Hollywood though. She said she "definitely" fancies seeing what else is out there someday. Being fair, Charlotte doesn't have much else left to achieve in WWE circles. She's a multi-time champion, former Rumble winner, and even got to headline 'Mania 35 with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey back in 2019.


Perhaps kicking down Hollywood's doors is the next logical step.

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