Major Star Confirmed For Tonight's WWE Raw

Raw after WrestleMania to feature a celebrity who has stepped between the ropes before.

WWE WrestleMania 39 Bad Bunny

The Raw after WrestleMania is always a big deal for WWE, with debuts and new angles set up to drive the narrative coming out of the biggest show of the year. It also is an opportunity to capitalize on more eyes on the product, as interest in WWE programming is typically higher.

It looks like WWE is turning to a familiar face to help make Monday's Raw feel more special. Fightful Select reports that international superstar musician Bad Bunny is set to appear on Raw. Bunny also is slated to host WWE Backlash, which will take place next month in his native Puerto Rico.

The rapper appeared during night one of WrestleMania 39, joining the Spanish commentary team during the father/son match between Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Bunny hopped off the desk during the bout to stop Dom from using a chain on Rey, which immediately preceded Rey picking up the win.


Fightful noted that Bad Bunny is supposed to have a front-row seat for a segment, and that there is a possible angle with Dominik that has been pitched for the future. Given his involvement during the Mysterio match, it's possible we could see the seeds of that angle on Raw.

Bad Bunny was a staple of WWE during the pandemic era, appearing alongside Damian Priest (who interestingly is now in the Judgment Day with Dominik) for a couple of months, winning the 24/7 Championship along the way. He wowed fans at WrestleMania 37 with Priest against Miz & John Morrison, where he nailed Morrison with a Canadian Destroyer. Bunny would return to WWE at the 2022 Royal Rumble, where he was eliminated by Brock Lesnar.

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