Major Star Returns At AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest

A triumphant return for one of AEW's injured stars last night.

aew fyter

Jungle Boy made his triumphant return to AEW Wednesday night, stalking to the ring to confront - and then chase - his former mentor Christian Cage.

Jurassic Express lost the AEW World Tag Team Championship to the Young Bucks five weeks ago on Dynamite: Road Rager. Afterwards, Christian turned on Jungle Boy, delivering a one-man conchairto to put him out of action before he taunted Jungle Jack Perry's mother and sister at ringside.

In the weeks that followed, Christian delivered promos mocking Jungle Boy's dead father, Luke Perry, while turning the young star's longtime friend and partner Luchasaurus loose on various wrestlers.


Wednesday, Cage and Luchasaurus demolished the Varsity Blonds. Afterwards, Christian mocked the Jurassic Express pose, sitting on Luchasaurus' shoulders, when Jungle Boy's music hit. Perry walked slowly to ringside, wielding a chair. He stopped and had a staredown with Luchasaurus, who eventually stepped aside and let Jungle Boy pass.

Christian fled into the crowd, and Jungle Boy chased him right out of the arena.

The year-long mentorship between Cage and Jungle Boy proved very beneficial to the young wrestler, but now we'll get to see how Jungle Boy fares in this next phase of his career, first trying to take down Christian.


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