Major Tease For Sting's First AEW Match

AEW News - Sting To Feature In An AEW Street Fight?!

Sting AEW

With this week’s AEW Dynamite currently ongoing, it looks as if Sting’s first AEW ‘match’ may now be on table.

After the Stinger came to the ring to congratulate Darby Allin on being the TNT Champion, the pair were soon interrupted by Team Taz turning up on the big screen. Taz himself would berate both Sting and Allin, lambasting the WCW icon for interfering in last week’s Darby vs. Brian Cage contest.

From there, the Human Suplex Machine would suggest how maybe this situation gets taken to the streets. Sting whispered something to Darby, which resulted in the current TNT Champ proclaiming, “You want to take it to the streets, Taz? Be careful what you wish for, because it just might happen”.


While this is obviously no confirmation of a match, it certainly indicates that Darby Allin and Sting are on a collision course with Team Taz that will result in some sort of Street Fight.


Of course, any match involving Sting seems most likely to be some sort of cinematic affair, with the legendary grappler having announced his retirement in 2016 due to neck issues. Still, a Street Fight shot legit out in the streets, pre-recorded, would allow for just such a cinematic bout to take place.

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