Major Title Change Takes Place At WWE NXT Deadline

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WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Dragon Lee

Dragon Lee is your new WWE NXT North American Champion.

Having stepped in as a late replacement for the injured Wes Lee, last night's NXT Deadline saw Dragon Lee defeat Dominik Mysterio to become the new North American Champion.

Deadline saw Dragon pick up the win in a bout that went just over ten minutes, securing the victory after hitting an Asai DDT to get the 1-2-3.


With Rey Mysterio having sat in on commentary for this bout, post-match saw Lee sharing a celebratory hug with the Master of the 619; someone who Dragon has often referred to as his idol. This win marks Dragon Lee's first piece of gold in WWE, and it brings an end to Dirty Dom's second reign as North American Champion.

Much like Dominik is officially a Raw superstar these days, Dragon Lee is a SmackDown talent, meaning this NXT title will presumably continue to receive plenty of attention on the main roster.


As for the aforementioned Wes Lee, he unfortunately announced on Tuesday's NXT broadcast that he's having to undergo back surgery that will keep him sidelined for between eight and 12 months. With Lee initially set to challenge Dominik Mysterio at Deadline, the former MSK man was replaced by Dragon Lee.

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