Major Update On Daniel Garcia's AEW Status

Could Red Death be on his way out of AEW?

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Brutally taken out by the nefarious MJF on last night's AEW Dynamite, there's now an interesting update on the status of Daniel Garcia.

Reported prior to Dynamite, Fightful Select notes that Garcia's AEW contract was due to expire this Fall. There are no details on whether Red Death has signed a new deal, but if that isn't the case, Garcia could be about to hit the free agency market in the next few months. It's worth adding, a top AEW name told FIghtful that they don't believe the New Yorker will be going anywhere, with those close to Garcia told the outlet that his future should soon "come into focus".

Should Daniel Garcia be keen to test the waters of the free agent market, the former Jericho Appreciation Society man would obviously have no shortage of suitors. Not only is Garcia extremely talented, but he's already had several years of TV experience despite still only being 25 years of age.


In terms of WWE, Garcia had a tryout with the market leader back in 2021. So impressed with this tryout was WWE, the then-22-year-old prospect was given an NXT match - a loss to Tyler Rust - and while the company opted against signing Garcia at that point, he clearly made a strong impression.

For those who may have missed last night's AEW Dynamite, the main event saw a spirited Daniel Garcia come up short against Will Ospreay for the International Championship. Post-match, MJF once again embraced his villainous nature, kicking Garcia in the balls before putting a brutal beatdown on Danny that resulted in a stretcher job.

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