Major Update On Tyson Fury's WWE Future

Is the Gypsy King planning to return to a WWE ring?

Tyson Fury

For those wondering whether we've seen the last of Tyson Fury in a WWE ring, it looks as if the Gypsy King has plenty of plans to step back into the squared circle at some point down the line.

Speaking during an interview with Give Me Sport, Fury confirmed that he very much has the intention to return to WWE.

"One million percent, you will see me in the WWE again. One million percent."

While the current WBC Heavyweight Champion confirmed he'll be back in WWE, he steered clear of putting any loose timeframe out there for just such a return.


Fury made his WWE debut back in 2019, competing against Braun Strowman at that year's Crown Jewel special. The boxer emerged victorious in that bout, getting the countout win in an eight-minute contest. After being punched out of the ring by Tyson, the Monster Among Men was unable to get back in the ring before the referee counted to ten.

Despite butting heads, Fury and Strowman would come together to dispose of The B-Team on an episode of SmackDown immediately after Crown Jewel.


Since that brief WWE run, the 33-year-old fighter has exchanged barbs with Drew McIntyre on Twitter, with the pair having teased a match against one another in the future. Whether that bout ever happens, we'll have to wait and see.

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