Major WWE & AEW Pay-Per-Views To Take Place On Same Day?

5 November 2022 could be a busy show day for AEW and WWE fans...


5 November 2022 could be shaping up to be a busy day for fans of America's two biggest wrestling promotions, with AEW and WWE both potentially holding major shows on that date.

This week's episode of WWE Raw brought the announcement that the promotion was heading back to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel 2022 on 5 November, which is a Saturday. Meanwhile, AEW has typically held its Full Gear pay-per-view on either the first or second weekend in November since the promotion's inception, though the Tony Khan-helmed company is yet to confirm its 2022 date.

Speaking on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that Full Gear could end up taking place the weekend after Crown Jewel. One of Tony Khan's big priorities is avoiding major UFC and boxing events, which will factor into his decision-making process. The UFC is yet to announce any dates for November.


Last year saw AEW move Full Gear back a week due to heightened competition from combat sports.

Despite potentially taking place on the same day, it is highly unlikely that WWE Crown Jewel and AEW Full Gear would clash directly. The difference in timezones between Saudi Arabia and the United States means the WWE show would almost certainly have wrapped hours before AEW's pay-per-view hit the airwaves.

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